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Egg Mould
El Pao 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture Cocoa Butter Fat soluble black colour Gold Shimmer 98% Alcohol


Make the gold colour using shimmer and alcohol. This should be a paste consistency. Colour the cocoa butter (7% of colour) and temper it to 30°C. Using an airbrush, spray cocoa butter onto the mould that needs to be 18°C.

Temper the chocolate and mould the eggs. Leave for 20 minutes at 16-18°C to crystalise. Demould.


Fill one half of each egg with chocolate dragees and chocolate puffed rice. Assemble the egg using a heat gun and scraper warm tray. Help with cooling spray if necessary. Set it up right and using tempered chocolate add sugar crystals to the base (using cooling spray).

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