Crafted with the finest grade of cocoa beans, whole bean roasting is done in house to capture the best flavors and create the ideal blends. Premium quality chocolate made by Belgians for the artisans of confectionery.

Colorings & Flavorings

Our Colorings & Flavoring pastes compoesed of our newest range Colarom and deliciously Fruit Nectar, with this amazing product. Give to you creations the right shade and flavor. Contains real fruit puree for an enhanced aroma.

Fillings & Toppings

This is a versatile fruit filling with great fruit integrity. Made for cold and baked applications, the Lafruta can be packed in various types of packaging such as cans, pails, and bags in boxes. It is ideal for inserts, mixing with creams, and toppings.


Total covering glaze that is extremely shiny, very user-friendly and can be both brushed or poured on frozen mousses and fresh fruits. Use this glaze to add a real shine to your creations and keep them fresh longer!


Our bake-stable bakery jams are suitable for the filling, bake squeeze injection, and spreading applications. The jams are ideal for the filled macarons, swiss rolls, biscuits, danishes, and similar products.

Sugar Pastes

Our Sugar Pastes composed of Rolled Fondant Dough & Gum Pastes is made of excellent sweet product. It makes for perfect covering of cakes, and has great elasticity and wonderful flavor. Can be stored in a fridge or freezer and will maintain its shape and texture.

Nut Pastes

Hazelnut and chocolate is the perfect combination. These lucious hazelnut pastes and creams are ideal for flavoring and filling. Made with premium quality Turkish hazelnuts.