Baker’s Creams

It is a ready-to-use multi-purpose cinnamon cream that can be used for cold and baked applications. Make it special, make it happen- order Bakers Cream for your next hassle-free baking rolls experience.

Chocolate Fillings

Indulgent, smooth and creamy, this ready to use ganache will be the heart of your creations. This versatile filling is bake stable, freeze stable, pipeable and can also be used as a spread.


With 10% fruit content, the Ecofil makes for an economical and versatile blend for topping and filling. The Ecofil is a smooth filling made of fruit purees and crushed fruits. It has a shiny appearance and is ideal for decorations, drizzling, and filling of pastries and baked products.

Fruit Fillings & Toppings

This is a versatile fruit filling with great fruit integrity. Made for cold and baked applications, the Lafruta can be packed in various types of packaging such as cans, pails, and bags in boxes. It is ideal for inserts, mixing with creams, and toppings.


Ready to use premium sauces for decoration or toppings of ice creams and plated desserts. It includes crushed fruit with pulp and seeds.