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200g  DLA Fruit Nectar Strawberry
10  Strawberries

1  Egg
30g  Granulated sugar
30g  Cake flour
Powdered sugar

200g  Mascarpone
40g  Granulated sugar
200g  Fresh cream
15g  Granulated sugar


1. Make the biscuits. Separate the egg
yolk and egg white. Add granulated sugar
to the egg white and whisk to make a firm
peak meringue. Add the egg yolk to the
meringue and mix with a spatula. Sift and
add the cake flour, mix, and pack in a
piping bag fitted with a round mouthpiece.
Pipe the dough into 10 cm lengths on a
baking pan lined with baking paper, and
sprinkle powdered sugar. Bake in an
oven preheated to 180°C for about 13

2. Make the mascarpone cream. Put
mascarpone and 40g granulated sugar
in a bowl and mix until smooth. Put fresh
cream and 15g granulated sugar in
separate bowl and whisk, then add to the
bowl of mascarpone mix and mix.

3. Assembly. Place DLA Fruit Nectar
Strawberry in a heat-resistant container
and heat in a 600w microwave for 30
seconds. Spread a small amount of
mascarpone cream on the bottom of the
mold. Dip the finger biscuits into the
DLA Fruit Nectar Strawberry and
arrange them to the molder. Spread the
mascarpone cream on top and place
another layer of finger biscuits soaked in
fruit nectar strawberry. Spread
mascarpone cream on top to smooth the
surface and decorate with sliced

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