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Guimaras 66% Dark Chocolate Couverture


130g Strawberry purée
3g Yellow pectin
15g Sugar 1
125g Sugar 2
37g Glucose syrup
4g Citric acid
4g Water

Bring purée to 35°C, then sprinkle in sugar 1 mixed with pectin and let dissolve. Add sugar 2 and bring to a boil. Add glucose and boil for 1 minute. Take off heat and mix in water and citric acid solution. Pour on a silicon mat and cool down. Blend with stick blender and using a piping bag pipe into the chocolate shells halfway.


42g Cream
68g Fig purée
15g Trimoline
15g Sorbitol
12g Glucose Syrup
175g El Pao 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture
36g Carmen 44% Milk Chocolate Couverture

Mix purée and cream and bring to boil. Dissolve sugars. Emulsify together with the chocolates. Use at 27°C and pipe on top of confit.

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