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4pcs Egg whites
4pcs Egg yolks
120g Granulated sugar
100g Cake flour
20g Almond Powder
3g Baking powder
2 tbsp Milk
2 tbsp Vegetable oil

150g DLA Ivana 30% White Chocolate
90ml Cream
250g DLA Strawberry Filling & Topping
250g DLA Rolled Fondant White Icing colors



Put egg whites in a bowl, add granulated sugar in 2 to 3 portions and whisk.

Add egg yolk and milk in this order and mix. Add the sifted cake flour, almond powder, baking powder and mix gently with a rubber spatula.

Add the vegetable oil, mix and pour into a lined muffin pan.

Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 17 minutes.

Let the cupcakes completely cool down before proceeding.

Hollow out the center of the cupcake, put the strawberry filling inside, and cover with the hollowed out cupcake top.


Melt the white chocolate in a water bath, add the cream and mix just before it starts to boil.

Place the bowl in ice water to let the ganache firm up and set.

Pipe the ganache right on top of the filled cupcakes.


Color the white ready made rolled fondant into your chosen colors or use already colored fondant.

Start by flattening the fondant using a rolling pin and cornstarch or flour to prevent from sticking.

Cut into desired shapes to create your designs. Place the designs on top of the white chocolate ganache.

Let set and enjoy!

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