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Mix 675g of butter & 375g of icing sugar together. Then, add 105g of egg, 10g salt, & 1kg of flour. Roll out the dough to 3mm thickness and make small tart rings of 7cm diameter. Bake at 160°C for 18 minutes.


Whisk together 140g of egg yolks, 340g of whole eggs & 270g of sugar. Whisk aside 220g of egg white & 110g of icing sugar. Mix both mixtures & add 100g if sifted flour & 100g of cocoa powder. Bake at 210 for around 8 min.


Cook together 300g of Fruit Nectar Strawberry, 260g of sugar & 88g of invert sugar until it reaches 110°C. Soak 25g of gelatin in cold water and dissolve it in 50g of Fruit Nectar Strawberry. When the sugars & fruit nectar mixture reach 110°C, pour over 130g of invert sugar and whisk. Then, add the melted  gelatin. Whisk all together for around 10 minutes.


Add a layer of cocoa sponge at the bottom of the tartlet. Add a layer of Strawberry Filling & Topping & pipe a big marshmallow drop on top. Let is set overnight & torch the top before serving.

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