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Sponge cake (6 cm round x 2 pieces)
100ml Fresh cream
10g sugar
2 strawberries

180g DLA Ivana 30%
White Chocolate
60g Fresh cream
5g Sakura powder
2 salted cherry blossoms (for


soak salted cherry blossoms in water
and rinse to remove the salt
drain with paper towel before using

1. Make the sakura cream. Heat the DLA
Ivana 30% White Chocolate in a
microwave and melt. Add boiling cream
little by little and mix until emulsified.
Add cherry powder and mix. When it
has cooled enough to be piped, put it in
a piping bag fitted with a mont blanc

2. Put fresh cream and sugar in a bowl
and whisk. Place in a piping bag fitted
with a round nozzle.

3. Assembly. Place the strawberries on
top of the sponge cake and pipe the
whipped cream to cover the
strawberries. Pipe the sakura cream
around it. Finally, decorate with the
salted cherry blossoms. Sprinkle with
cherry powder as desired.

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