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10g  sugar
4g  agar
160ml  water
40ml  Sakura Syrup
10g  salted cherry blossoms

300ml  milk
40g  sugar
6g  gelatin sheet
100ml  DLA Fruit Nectar Strawberry


1. Rinse the salted cherry blossoms with
water and soak them in clean water to
remove the salt. Cut off the branches.

2. Make the Sakura jelly. Mix sugar and
agar in a small saucepan. Add water, mix
and heat until just before boiling. Turn
off the heat, transfer to a bowl, add
cherry syrup and mix.

3. Pour the cherry blossom jelly up to
1/3 of the mold and add the cherry
blossoms from step #1. Let cool and
harden in the refrigerator.

4. Make the strawberry milk jelly. Soak
the gelatin sheets in cold water. Put
milk and sugar in a heat-resistant
container and heat to 60 degrees in the
microwave. Squeeze the water out of
the softened gelatin sheets well, add
them, and mix to dissolve. Add DLA
Fruit Nectar Strawberry and mix well.

5. Pour the strawberry milk jelly on top
of the cherry jelly in step #3 and chill in
the refrigerator until it sets.
Recipe makes 6pcs x 90ml.

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