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120g DLA Pineapple Filling & Topping
50g DLA Ivana 30% White Chocolate Couverture
100g Cream cheese
50g Butter (A)
180g Cake flour
20g Almond powder
60g Powdered sugar
100g Butter (B)
1pc egg yolk


Let the cream cheese and butter A reach room temperature.

In a food processor, add butter B cut into small pieces, flour, almond powder, powdered sugar and mix until flaky

Add in the egg yolk and mix. When it forms into a dough, wrap it in clean film and place in the refrigerator. Roll the cold dough to a thickness of 3-4

Pineapple Filling & Topping Ivana 30% White Chocolate Couverture PINEAPPLE SAND COOKIES mm, cut into rectangles, and bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Melt the white chocolate in a water bath or microwave.

In a separate bowl, add the softened cream cheese and mix well. Add in the melted white chocolate, then the softened butter (A) in that order and mix well. Then place in a piping bag.

Once the cookies are completely cool, pipe the white chocolate cream in the center, then pipe the Pineapple Filling and Topping right on top. Place another cookie on top to make the sandwich cookie.

Let rest and cool in the refrigerator then enjoy!

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