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240g Cream 35%
40g Ground Coffee Beans
20g Soluble Coffee Mix (50/50 with water)
28g Gelatin Mass (4g Gelatin and 24g Water)
120g Lipa 44% Milk Chocolate Couverture

On a stove bring the cream to a boil and infuse with the ground coffee. Strain and add the cream. Bring to a boil and pour over the gelatin and Lipa 44% Milk Chocolate Couverture. Add the soluble coffee mix, pipe into semi sphere moulds and freeze.


120g Egg Whites
60g Brown Sugar
100g Sifted Icing Sugar
120g Almond Meal
30g Flour
50g Crushed Roast Hazelnuts

Whisk the egg whites with brown sugar until firm peaks form. Fold in all dry ingredients carefully and spread onto a lined baking tray. Bake for 14 minutes at 175°C. Let cool and cut in squares. Set aside until ready to assemble.


240g Orange Filling & Topping
30g Butter (1)
10g Corn Flour
50g Sugar
30g Egg Yolks
180g Butter (2)
35g Gelatin Mass (5g Gelatin and
30g Water)
250g Whipped Cream

In a saucepan bring the Orange Filling & Topping and Butter (1) to a boil. Pour onto the corn flour, sugar and egg yolks. Bring to a boil and pour over the gelatin mass and Butter (2). Mix all together and let cool to 28°C. Fold in the whipped cream and use immediately.

100g El Pao 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture

Edible Golden or Silver Powder Cooling Spray Start off by tempering El Pao 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture. Using small polycarbonate sphere moulds, make the chocolate semi spheres. After it crystallized, put in the fridge for 20 minutes, demold and glue the two pieces together, creating a sphere. Brush the gold powder onto the chocolate spheres. Using a hot knife, cut a cross and then using a hot needle make holes at the end of each cross section.


100g Ivana 30% White Chocolate Red Fat Soluble Coloring Cooling Spray Color Ivana 30% White Chocolate with the red fat soluble coloring. Using Chocolate World 1926, make shapes and glue them together with the help of the cooling spray. Make chocolate strings using acetate sheet and a comb. Fold sheets together and crystalize. Carefully unfold the acetate and remove the strings. Make chocolate string holders piping chocolate into cut cocktail straws. Using the cooling Spray attach the strings to the holder. Finally, attach the string to the ornament.


Pipe the Orange Cream halfway into a square silicone mould. Insert the frozen Coffee Cremeux and Hazelnut Dacquoise. Smooth over to level the entremets and freeze for 10 hours. Glaze with Covergeli Dark Chocolate Glaze and decorate with the chocolate decorations. Optional – add some non-melting icing sugar to sprinkle over.

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