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80g  Ivana 30% White Chocolate
100g  Cream Cheese
100g  Fresh Cream
5g  Matcha Powder
20g  Sugar
100g  hot water
30g  biscuits matcha powder (for topping)


1. Mix matcha powder and sugar, add hot water little by little and mix well to make the matcha syrup.

2. Put the crushed biscuits in a bowl and pour the matcha syrup. Let it sit to soften the crushed biscuits.

3. Heat the cream cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften it. Mix with a whip until creamy.

4. Melt Ivana 30% White Chocolate in a microwave or in a hot water bath and add it to the whipped cream cheese from step 3.

5. Lightly whip the fresh cream, add it to the bowl from step 4 and mix.

6. Place the matcha & biscuits from step 2 to the bottom of the container and

pour mix from step 5.  Sprinkle matcha powder on top.

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