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60g  Butter
260g  All-purpose flour
15g  Sugar
1 tbsp  Baking powder
1  Egg
80g  Fresh cream
80g  DLA Ivana 30%
White Chocolate
15g  Matcha

100g  Butter
100g  DLA Strawberry
Filling & Topping


1. Make the strawberry butter. Soften the butter by
bringing it to room temperature, put it in a
bowl and mix with a whisk. Gradually add the DLA Strawberry
Filling & Topping while mixing. Use a blender if you want
the butter to be smooth, if you want to leave a feeling of
flesh mix with a whisk. Transfer into a clean bottle and
chill in the refrigerator.

2. Make the matcha scones. Add all purpose flour, chilled
butter, sugar, matcha green tea, and baking powder to a
a blender or food processor and blend. When it becomes
smooth, transfer it to a bowl. Mix the egg and fresh
cream and add it.

3. Spread out the dough and add DLA Ivana 30% White
Chocolate over it. Cut the dough in half and stack it
together. Repeat this about 3 times, then spread it to a
thickness of 3 cm using a rolling pin. Cut it into pieces
and arrange on a baking sheet.

4. Bake in an oven preheated to 200° for about 20

5. Spread the strawberry butter to the baked matcha

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