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85g unsalted butter
85g egg white
70g sugar
40g cake flour
45g almond powder
15g honey
30g DLA Real Dark Chocolate Chips
40g DLA El Pao 58% Dark
        Chocolate Couverture
25g fresh cream


Apply oil or grease to the molder


1. Put butter in a small pan and heat it over medium heat until caramelized.
Cool down the bottom of the pot with water.

2. Put egg whites and sugar in a bowl and mix. Add the cake flour and almond
powder, and honey and mix again.

3. Add the caramelized butter from step 1 to the bowl from step 2 and mix.
Add DLA Real Dark Chocolate Chips, mix and pack in a piping bag.

4. Pour into the molder and bake in an oven preheated to 190°C for about 15 minutes.

5. Remove from the molder and let it cool.

6. Making the ganache: Put the warm cream in a small bowl, add DLA El Pao
and mix to melt the chocolate. If it doesn't melt completely, put it in the
microwave for a few seconds. Mix until glossy. Pack in a piping bag and squeeze
into the recess of the financier.


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