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Mix 200g of icing sugar with 200g of almond powder. Then, add 75g of egg white and set the mixture aside. Make an Italian meringue by boiling 200g of white sugar with 75g of water until it reaches 118°C. Add 75g of egg white in a bowl, pour the sugar mixture over it and whisk very well. Finally, combine both mixtures together and add coloring of your choice. Pipe dollops of the meringue on a silpat and wait around 1hr before baking at 160°C for 10 min. Once baked, let completly cool before using.


Boil 165g of cream, 55g of milk, 15g of glucose and 80g of egg yolks together for few seconds. Stop the heat and add 200g of Dolores 42% Milk Chocolate Couverture and blend with a hand blender to obtain a very smooth texture. Keep in the fridge overnight and use the next day.


Pipe in the middle of a macaron a small amount of Bakejam Raspberry. Take another macaron and pipe a small amount of the creamy milk chocolate ganache. Combine both sides to create your final macaron. Let it set and enjoy!

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