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170g  Eggs
170g  Unsalted butter
170g  Granulated sugar
160g  Cake flour
10g  Cocoa powder
2tbsp  Milk
8g  Baking powder

60g  Egg whites
90g  Granulated sugar
150g  Unsalted butter
80g  DLA Naga 58% Dark
Chocolate Couverture

Powdered sugar
300g  DLA Strawberry
Filling & Topping


Bring the butter and eggs to room temperature.
Sift the cake flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder together.
Preheat the oven to 180°C


1. In a bowl, cream the softened butter and
granulated sugar.

2. Gradually add the beaten eggs and mix well.

3. Add the sifted dry ingredients and mix with a
rubber spatula.

4. Stir in the milk.

5. Pour the batter into the prepared cake tin and bake
for about 40 minutes.

6. Once baked, cut it into two layers.

7. Prepare the buttercream. In a bowl, mix the butter and
granulated sugar, then place the bowl over a double boiler
and heat until it reaches 50°C. Remove from the double
boiler and whip until soft peaks form.

8. Gradually add the softened butter and mix well.

9. Add the DLA Naga 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture
(melted over a double boiler) little by little and mix.
Transfer the mixture into a piping bag.

10. Spread DLA Strawberry Filling & Topping on one layer
of the sponge cake and pipe the buttercream. Sandwich
the cake with the other layer of sponge cake.

11. Dust powdered sugar on top. Note: The cake is usually
decorated with powdered sugar on top, but you can also
add other decorations according to your preference.

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