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80g DLA Isabella 37% Milk Chocolate Couverture
100g Egg yolk
100g Milk
65g Salad oil
80g Soft flour
20g Cocoa powder
200g Egg white
100g Granulated sugar



Lay parchment paper with about 5cm higher
(overhang) than the mold.

1. Put milk and salad oil in a heat-resistant bowl and heat in a
600w range for 30 seconds. Mix with a whipper to emulsify.

2. Sift the cake flour and cocoa powder into the bowl of step #1 and
mix. Add egg yolk and mix.

3. Put the egg whites and granulated sugar in another bowl and whisk until
the peaks stand loosely to make a meringue.

4. Add a scoop of meringue to the bowl of step #2 cocoa dough and mix

5. Add the cocoa dough to the meringue bowl and mix
with a rubber spatula.

6. Pour half the batter into the mold, sprinkle DLA Isabella 37% Milk
Chocolate Couverture all over. Pour in the rest of the batter and sprinkle
DLA Isabella 37% Milk Chocolate Couverture on the surface if you like.

7. Pour hot water into a pan that is larger than the mold and bake in an
oven preheated to 160 degrees for 50-60 minutes.

8. Please enjoy freshly baked

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