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150g Medium - strength flour
10g Fresh yeast
100g Milk

80g Butter
30g Sugar
3g Salt
40g Egg
150g Medium - strength flour
15g Pure cocoa powder
5g Black cocoa powder
2g Cinnamon powder
40g DLA El Pao 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture

80g Roasted nuts
150g Rum-soaked dried fruits
80g DLA El Pao 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture

- 50g melted butter
- 50g melted butter
- A pinch of powdered sugar


1. Start by dissolving the yeast in warm milk. Add it to the
medium-strength flour and knead until it comes together.
Cover with plastic wrap and let ferment at 30°C (86°F) for 30

2. Add the soften butter, sugar and salt in a bowl and mix until
light in colour. Add beaten eggs a little at a time and mix.

3. Melt the DLA El Pao in a sauce pan.

4. To the chocolate, add medium flour, cocoa powder,
black cocoa powder and cinnamon powder. Mix until

5. Add the fermented mixture by tearing it into pieces and
kneading all together to incorporate.

6. take out 100g of the dough from 5, cover with plastic wrap
set aside.

7. Add the rum soaked dried fruits, nuts and DLA El Pao to
the remaining dough and combined. Mix in the remaining dough.
Roll into a ball and ferment at 30°C for 30 minutes. 7.

8. Roll out the 100g of dough set aside earlier with a rolling
pin into a thin circle.

9. Add the dough with toppings right in the centre and spread it
around, while leaving an edge to fold over the second dough.

10. Once the circle is formed, fold again in half, forming a half
moon. Press down the overlapping parts with your hands.

11. Let rest again at 30°C for 30 minutes.

12. Place on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven at
170°C for 45 minutes.

13. Once baked, brush melted butter evenly over the entire
surface of the stollen. Add a layer of granulated sugar right
on top of the butter.

14. When the stollen is cool, dust with powdered sugar to

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