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70g  DLA Naga 58% Dark
Chocolate Couverture
70g Granulated sugar
20g Cocoa powder
125g Milk
125g Water

200g  Raspberry Filling & Topping
100g Granulated sugar
100g  Water
15g  Lemon juice


1. Chocolate Sherbet: In a saucepan, bring milk and water to a boil.

2. In a bowl, mix granulated sugar and cocoa powder, then gradually add the
boiled milk mixture while stirring.

3. Melt DLA Naga 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture in a double
boiler, then add it gradually to the mixture and mix until smooth. Let it
cool and let it set in the freezer.

4. Raspberry Sherbet: Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring to
a boil while stirring. Let it cool, then freeze in the freezer.

5. Take out both of the sherbet from the freezer and randomly layer them
in a container. Freeze for 1 more hour.

*Optional: Serve with crumbles if desired.

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