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Whisk 140g egg yolks, 340g whole egg & 270g caster sugar. Whisk aside 220g egg with 110g of icing sugar. Combine the two mixtures and add 100g of sifted flour & 100g of cocoa powder. Spread a thin layer and bake at 220°C for 10 mn.


Bring 380g of milk & 1 vanilla pod to a boil. Add 16g of soaked gelatine and mix. Filter and pour into 750g of Ivana 30% White Chocolate Mix and at 32°C add the whipped cream. Pipe in the mold.


Mix together with a hand blender 45g almond powder, 235g eggs, 20g flour, 85g icing sugar, 12g oil & 2 drops of green coloring. Insert the gas cartridge and cool down in the fridge for 30 min. If necessary, add a second gas cartridge. Pipe inside a muffin cup and bake in microwave oven for around 50-60 seconds. Use for decoration and plating.


Melt Ivana 30% White Chocolate into half an egg mold and let it set. Pipe the white chocolate mousse inside the chocolate egg. Incorporate a half sphere of frozen Red Cherry Filling & Topping in the center. Add one more layer of white chocolate mousse and close with a layer of cocoa biscuit. Freeze and decorate the next day by spraying green cocoa butter/white chocolate for a velvety look. Use the green sponge cake to add texture and
decorations to the chocolate eggs.

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