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Egg Mould
Dolores 42% Milk Chocolate Couverture

Cocoa Butter
Fat soluble;pink, white, brown and green

Make coloured cocoa butter by emulsifying melted cocoa butter and fat soluble colours. Temper the cocoa butter and using a brush paint cherry blossoms onto the moulds. Lastly colour the surface with white+pink colour. Air brush is recommended. Temper Chocolate and mould the eggs. Leave for 20 minutes at 16-18°C to crystalise. Demould.


160g Hazelnut Paste 50/50
100g Palette Feulletine
50g Desiccated Coconut coloured pink
10g Hazelnut Oil
80g Dolores 42% Milk Chocolate Couverture

Combine melted chocolate, coconut and Hazelnut paste. Add oil. Mix in Palette Feulletine. Spread the mix onto silicon mat in small cake rings. Freeze until needed. Use leftovers of coconut to sprinkle on top of the disc.


Assemble the egg using heat gun and scraper/ warm tray. Help with cooling spray if necessary. Set it up right and using tempered chocolate attach to hazelnut disc.

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