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Guimaras 66% Dark Chocolate Couverture


175g Cherry purée
5g Pectin NH
20g White Sugar 1
135g White Sugar 2
40g Glucose
3g Citric Acid

Heat cherry purée to 40°C, mix in pectin+sugar 1. Dissolve. Add glucose and sugar 2. Bring to a boil and boil for 1 minute. Remove from the stove and add citric acid. Cool down, then blend with a stick blender and pipe into chocolate shells halfway.


115g Cream
65g Apricot Purée
5g Trimoline
30g Sorbitol Powder
15g Dry Butter
35g Glucose Syrup
2g Citric Acid
185g Alicia 35% White Chocolate Couverture

Bring cream and purée to a boil, dissolve all sugars, add butter. Mix until it reaches 40°C. Add citric acid and mix. Melt chocolate and pour cream over. Emulsify with stick blender. Cool to 27°C and pipe over cherry marmalade.

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