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Caramel Apple Jelly:
180g DLA Apple Filling&Topping
20g DLA Topping Caramel
3g Gelatin powder
1 tbsp Water

Caramel Mousse:
160g DLA Topping Caramel
250ml Whipping cream
40g granulated sugar
120ml Milk
15g Gelatine powder

1 can of DLA Covergeli Caramel
Whipped cream to taste
80g DLA Apple Filling&Topping


1. To make the jelly, heat the apple Filling&Topping together with the Topping Caramel in a sauce pan or in the microwave for 1 minute. Add in the watered-down gelatin powder and mix well. Remove from heat, divide into 8 equal portions and chill in the fridge until firm.

2.Make the mousse by heating the milk and Topping Caramel together to about 50-60 degrees Celsius. Add in the gelatin powder, mix well and let cool.

3.In a seperate bowl, add granulated sugar to the cream and whisk until combined. Add the cream to mixture number 2 and combined well.

4. Fill the molds halfway with the mixture. In the center, add the apple jelly and pour the rest of the mixture into the molds. Place in the fridge until firm.

5.To decorate, warm the Covergeli to 40°C, mix and pour over the unmolded mousse.

6. Pipe some whipped cream and top with a small amount of the Apple Filling & Topping.

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