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2pc eggs
200g  cake flour
8g  baking powder
120g  butter
120g  milk
100g (A)  granulated sugar
135g   DLA Strawberry Filling & Topping
150g  mascarpone
200g  fresh cream
50g (B)  granulated sugar
50g  DLA Coklat White Chocolate Compound
red food color (small amount)


1. Heat DLA Coklat White in a microwave until melted. Put it in a piping bag and pipe the ears and nose parts on a parchment paper. Let it sit until it hardens.

2. Put butter in a bowl, add granulated sugar (A) and mix until creamy with a whisk or stand mixer.

3. Beat the eggs and add them little by little, mixing well each time.

4. Add half the milk and mix, then add half the sifted flour and mix lightly. Mix the rest of the flour and milk in the same way.

5. Apply the batter into a greased cupcake mold. Bake in a preheated oven to 180 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes.

6. Remove from mold and let cool. To pipe in the DLA Strawberry Filling & Topping, cut out a smaller piece at the top of the cupcake and put back that piece on top once the filling is inserted.

7. Make the creamy frosting. Mix mascarpone until smooth. Add fresh cream and granulated sugar (B) to another bowl and whisk together forming a whipped cream. Gently fold together the whipped cream and mascarpone, making sure to not to over do it.

8. Form a round shape using the creamy frosting on top of the cupcake (for the rabbit’s head) or pipe it using the correct nozzle. Place the chocolate ears and nose. Then, using the left over chocolate, mix it with red food coloring and draw the eyes.


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