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3  eggs
90g  sugar
90g  Soft flour
20g  butter
20g  milk
1/2 can  DLA Bakers Cream Lemon
200g  DLA La Paz 66%
Dark Chocolate Couverture
100g Heavy cream


1. Bake the sponge cake. Heat the butter and
milk in a microwave for 20 seconds to melt
the butter. Put the eggs and sugar in a
separate bowl and whisk while heating to
about 40°C in a hot water bath. If it becomes
whitish, remove it from the hot water bath
and sift in the cake flour. Add melted butter
& milk and mix.

2. Pour into 18cm molder and bake in an
oven preheated to 170°C for about 30

3. Make ganache. Add the boiled heavy
cream to DLA La Paz 66% Dark Chocolate
Couverture to melt it, and mix until smooth
with a blender.

4. Slice the sponge cake into 2 pieces. Put
DLA Bakers Cream Lemon on top of the
sponge cake and spread it evenly. Place the
other sponge cake on top and decorate with
chocolate ganache.

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