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80g DLA Fruit Nectar Apricot
60g DLA Apricot Filling & Topping
40g Condensed milk Shaved ice (appropriate amount)
70g Whipped cream


  1. Start by shaving ice until reaches the mouth of the cup.
  2. Place a cup of ice in a glass jar.
  3. Squeeze Apricot fruit nectar over the shaved ice and add half of the Apricot filling & topping. APRICOT SHAVED ICE
  4. Add half of the whipped cream right on top.
  5. Repeat by adding again shaved ice and Apricot Fruit Nectar.
  6. Add a layer of condensed milk and top with whipped cream.
  7. Finish and top with the other half of Apricot filling & topping

Serve right away and enjoy!

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