Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Games, And Activities

Charades is a party classic that’s appropriate for all ages. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, essentially one person picks a word in a category and attempts to wordlessly act it out for their teammates to guess. You can find the game online, or make your own list of categories to play. The holiday season is another reason to celebrate a fun and festive Happy Hour with your team. Give your team something to look forward to this Thanksgiving with a hilariously themed Thanksgiving Libations mixology experience. Scholastic’s First Thanksgiving Virtual Tour is an educational, virtual Thanksgiving idea that could be interesting for the whole family to check out.

  • You can all enjoy your meal together, catch up, and share what you are grateful for this thanksgiving.
  • You found our list of the best virtual Thanksgiving ideas, games & activities for work.
  • Many other organizations offer remote volunteer opportunities.
  • The old double Ps of Thanksgiving may have been ‘pumpkin pie’, but in today’s age of online holidays, they now stand best for ‘PowerPoint Party‘.
  • If you’re running an international company, chances are that at least some of your employees may not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Group challenges bring employees together and help them connect with shared goals. Whether your members are solving mysteries or learning new leadership skills, they will feel more connected as a team and be able to spend a little downtime reading. Categorize these recipes by geographical location and ask your employees to share a fact or two either about the recipe or the area they grew up. You could also ask your employees to share a short story via video about their childhood or a favorite memory from their past. Normalize the chaos by encouraging photos of your team’s real-life work spaces.

Short virtual icebreaker activities

There are many such Thanksgiving facts, however, we managed to include those we consider relevant for a proper trivia event. After all, if some of your employees aren’t that familiar with Thanksgiving and all the details surrounding it, they might have better luck with the questions below. “The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of Thanksgiving.” Planning a virtual coffee shop meeting will lead to casual chatting while everyone prepares their morning beverages. Take advantage of one of the visual collaboration tools such as Mural.

  • Plus, volunteering can increase self-esteem and mental health.
  • To get started, have your employees suggest and then vote using a TINYpulse flexible survey on a charity for your team to support.
  • Essentially, people attempt to guess what each drawer is attempting to convey artistically.
  • Some of them that you and your team can get involved with this year are Hire Heroes USA, UN Volunteers, Career Village or Be My Eyes.

It all depends on the types of questions you and your workers believe suit your preferences. With that said, do keep in mind that such activities require adequate planning. You might wonder why we decided to have a separate Turkey trivia questions section and not just include everything in the Thanksgiving food trivia part.

Pumpkin Spice Celebration

Whether that means setting up a virtual game show for your family to play, watching Thanksgiving football, or sharing granny’s 100-year-old pumpkin pie recipe, go for it! Choose a Thanksgiving Zoom background and amplify your family’s virtual Thanksgiving experience. Some thanksgiving ideas for employees include thanksgiving happy hour, Pictionary, and family feud. One of the most popular online Thanksgiving games to play on Zoom is Bingo. You can play this game in person or remotely, which makes it a good option. We also recommend completing a Kindness To-Do List as a way to support your community.

First, supply each employee with a handful of treats to give away. These presents could be email gift cards, physical notecards, digital badges, small tokens like candy or stationary, or points redeemable for prizes. Extension on Slack, which enables staff to send up to five emoji tacos to teammates per day. Many other organizations offer remote volunteer opportunities.

Merry and Memorable Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Doing an icebreaker at the beginning of your virtual meeting not only helps your employees establish rapport, it can also increase interaction. When your employees take part in a virtual icebreaker, they will feel more comfortable and willing to speak up. With many employees working remotely for the foreseeable future, it’s more important than ever for us to foster that sense of community through team building. This in turn can strengthen relationships and boost engagement by as much as 50%. For instance, if you have many employees in the office fond of cooking, it’d probably make sense to include many food-related Thanksgiving questions.

What is a fun game to play on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving trivia is always a hit with the crowd, especially since you can tailor to kids or adults. There's also bingo, pin-the-tail-on-the-turkey and Thanksgiving Family Feud, which will foster some competitive spirit. Play a game before you dig into dinner or save it for after dessert.

Using Zoom, you can host karaoke night with your employees. To do this, first send out an open-ended employee survey asking ice breakers for large virtual meetings your team what their preferred karaoke songs are. First, ask the question then send teams into breakout rooms.

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