Our Commitment

Nothing brings people together like a great celebration. And nothing makes a celebration memorable than wonderfully made cakes, pastries, chocolates, or ice cream. Food intrinsically ties us together, along with the turning points in our lives, regardless of who we are or where we come from.

These dessert masterpieces, the hallmark of a great celebration, begin only with the finest ingredients. We source only the best quality raw ingredients from around the world, to create over 300 kinds of products for every baker, pastry chef, chocolatier, or restaurateur.

Much love and care come in crafting our wide variety of ingredients. Perfected through 80 years of service and four generations of craftsmanship, our Belgian-made ingredients are tried and tested to help you create artistic and delectable desserts.

Unforgettable moments and happy celebrations are made not just with the food itself, but with the bonds and memories, the food represents. Nothing gladdens our heart more when we see smiles and contentment from people who’ve tasted your creations.

Together with you, we are providing enriching experiences that create lasting memories.